Animal Rehoming Tablelands is a private rescue group on the Atherton Tablelands.

What We Do – is accept surrendered pets into our homes and take care of them while we find forever homes. At the moment we’re focusing on cats and kittens and our goal is also to persuade our community wherever we can to desex their pets and break the cycle of breeding by accident.

How We Do It – is advertising. We advertise for foster carers who can provide a safe environment for the cats and kittens until we can find their forever homes. We advertise our Rescue Group to inform people that there is someone they can turn to if they have a pet that needs to be re-homed and we advertise our cats and kittens in order to find them homes.

Why We Do It – is because the current rates of euthanasia in the pounds around Australia is higher than 50% - in some cases as high as 98% and we want to make a difference. We believe every animal deserves to be loved, treasured and cared for and it’s a start for us to seek out and re-home unwanted cats here on the Tablelands.

What Does it Cost to Save a Life – We work with local veterinarians who have generously discounted their fees to assist us. Generally our vet fees are around $210 for girls and $100 for boys. This covers desexing, micro chipping, vaccinations, flea treatment and worming.


Where Does the Money Come From - Adoption fees are our only income. Our adoption fee for less than 6 months of age is $180. But of course, we take in older cats too, for which we ask $150. That makes it a bit difficult when you’ve got an older mum cat and you have to pay $155 for the desexing alone, so we always hope for an even mix of boys and girls.

All our kitties, young and old, go to their new homes with a starter pack, value $20 but all the transporting, food, kitty litter, bedding, carry cages etc is paid by us individually. Raffles and garage sales are going a long way towards covering the short falls.

Because we’re not a registered “Not for Profit Association”, we are not legally able to fund raise publicly, but the advantage is that we can concentrate on rescue and rehoming, rather than the organisation itself.



Christmas Kingdom : Christmas decorations is a proud sponsor of Animal Rehoming Tablelands.
Christmas Kingdom support responsible decision ask that everyone thinks carefully
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